Interior Designing and Decoration

When used in relation to fashion, the term “trend” refers to the styling, colors, materials, and shapes that are popular during a specific season and may have a lasting impact on the market. Fashion and interior design trends are similar in that they are both influenced by contemporary culture and current events. Designers and architects face common difficulties when attempting to predict the path that the most recent trends will take as well as which styles, materials, and colors will be most appealing to consumers in the upcoming season.

Some of the trendiest interior designing and decoration trends in 2022 suggested by Interior Designer in Surrey at Epater Design Studio are discussed below:

1. Shades of Brown

Brown is a hue that goes well with almost any subject or idea because of how adaptable it is. Any hue of brown is hospitable and cozy, not to mention that it is always earthy. Caramel, followed by chocolate, is the most popular shade of brown this season due to the return of pastels. This year, neutrals are taking a backseat to color experiments as people like them. Thoughts that are more reminiscent of natural colors will endure. Because less really is more! Various textures, shades, and tones of brown give this room a classy, yet trendy visual.

2. Pastels All the Way

Homes can be given some life with pastel colors without going overboard with bold, vivid hues. In your home, pastels speak quietly; they won’t even speak much, but they nonetheless Catch your eye. Let’s stick to quirky pastels for now. Don’t worry, strong colors are also having a big year. Pastels are a hot trend in 2022 and are expected to last for a while. They extend a delightful element of color, spanning from blues and greens to the warmer pinks and yellows as suggested by Interior Designer in Burnaby at Epater design Studio.

3. Smart Homes

Even though technology has advanced to new levels, private residences just recently began to use it. Making homes smarter has become more popular over the past few years, but this year it has almost become a necessity. All of your house’s appliances and technology, including televisions, music systems, lighting, and curtains, will be controlled by a single click on your smartphone in a “smart” home. As the globe shifts more and more toward smart living and technical support assistants, this is all the rage in 2022. Interior design services in Richmond at Epater Design Studio offer these kinds of trending interior designing and decoration services.

4. Mindful Spaces

We’ll explain how this becomes a popular style in interior design because we know you’re curious. Making a home that is conducive to a person’s mental health pays off in the form of a healthy lifestyle. Trending Interior designing and decoration for mental well-being is a rapidly growing trend that incorporates the Danish idea of hygge, which translates to “living in peace with your environment.” Make sure your arrangement is ergonomically sound so that people can move around it comfortably.

5. Upraised Outdoor Furniture

The year 2022 will see an expansion of indoor and outdoor interior design trends. Outdoor spaces like porches, balconies, veranda, patios, etc. are seeing a significant improvement in their interiors as more people seek peace in an open environment and leave the limits of enclosed rooms. In 2022, the trend of outdoor decor will reach a whole new level, and you’ll witness a dizzying array of furniture, outdoor tiles, exterior paint textures, and much more.

Options that are weatherproof and environmentally friendly are also widely accessible, enabling you to keep up with outdoor trends. A balcony that gives you a break from the exhausting day and allows you to unwind with your favorite bottle of wine is very healthy!  You may get the interior you want with help from Epater Design Studio’s affordable interior designers in Vancouver.