HOME ARTISAN is a website that features home décor artifacts, dinnerware, and linens. I have personally used some of their items for my residential projects and I absolutely love it. Their quality, design, service all of it is impeccable.

This blog is actually going to be some of the favourites that Epater loves and you can go ahead and purchase them for your spaces. We will also give you some tips on how to use such items depending on where you want to put it. These items are also listed in OUR FAVOURITES column for you easily find them with prices on it as well.

I particularly love their décor accents and their lighting section and I’d be listing some that I and my team like. Click on the images for a direct link to the Home Artisan website for all the imformation.

Now let’s get started with the décor accents first.

This horse bookend is something that I really like because of its unique design. Usually, I find more symmetry in this very useful item but this is a design you do not usually see. It’s bronze which almost ends up gelling with any sort of décor around. You can use it when you do not have any designated bookcase in your place. You could just simply stack some books together on a ledge practically anywhere in your home or office and use bookends like this to hold it together. Bookends not only have practicality and functionality to it but they look very chic too.

This piece is inspired by nature clearly but what I like about it is the lustrous finish with this bright striking color it has. It’s very modern and perfect to throw in some quirk into space if it is designed that way. If not you could use it in your children’s bedrooms maybe in their side tables or the study table or the shelves or even in the washrooms! I’ve found another animal kingdom inspired figurine which has an exterior matte finish to it. It can be used as a decorative piece to put on the top of books stacked or the coffee table.

This is a very Indian decorative piece that is inspired by the Mughal era which is authentic to it since its marble and ivory in color and this is a new arrival with collaboration with the Indian Fashion design- Ritu Kumar. Now, this piece is perfect for a typical Indian designed house and also I feel this could look great ina very minimalist environment where you can just put it in the middle of your coffee table. In Indian homes, you could use it to put some fresh flowers in it and maybe some candles. This could simply be kept on the floor with some fresh flowers below the console table you have at the entrance.

That’s all for the décor accents that I love which are currently on the website. Now comes lightings. This is my favorite part, I like to use gorgeous chandeliers and sconces for my residential as well as commercial and retail projects. I strongly urge my future clients to use and invest in such pieces because this is one design solution to create a beautiful surrounding that screams put together and thoughtfully designed place even if you do not hire a designer. This is where I have especially concentrated on my website, you can ask me for any help like this in terms of selecting products, we’d be happy to help.

Let’s get started with it then.

This is such a unique piece to me. I can already imagine it using it in contemporary, minimalist, industrially designed houses, hotels, retail shops, salon, and so many other places. This adornment got me excited, you can totally expect me installing this somewhere on our next project.

What is there not to love about this piece. The crystals with that golden glow to it are perfect for the sophisticated designed place. I can only imagine the ambiance this piece alone could create. It’s going to set you in the mood for some nice music with wine and talking about everything in the world whether you’re in a restaurant or your home!

This wall sconce has the capability to accentuate the value and feel of any space instantly. I’d use such sconces on either sides of the bed, vanity mirror in the bathroom, either sides of the main door of the house or any other place where I want symmetry or to bring out the texture on a certain wall if any. I love the simple and chic look it has, nothing too much but really stylish.

This tulip-shaped copper glass pendant light is very versatile. Could be used elegantly over the breakfast counter at the kitchen or in a cozy ready corner of the house. I absolutely love this!

This is it for my first blog post ever. I thoroughly enjoyed writing it because I love what I do as an Interior Designer. A lot of people might not realize how important our job is! Anyway, I’d be posting blogs once every week and I am already onto my next one which is going to be another very informative topic.

If you enjoyed this post, I’d be very grateful if you’d help it spread be email or whatsapping to a friend. Let me know if you end up purchasing any of these products