Best top 10 low light plants for your office or home decor interior 2020

tree for interior Aglaonema Golden Bay

Golden Bay

Low light plant.

The Aglaonema “Golden Bay” is preffered for home and office interior. Commonly it’s called, the Chinese Evergreen plant. It is easy to care and maintain as it requires low light levels, which can be easily found in office and home. “Golden Bay” is a great indoor plant but full sun, especially through glass, can burn the exposed leaves.

Silver Bay

Low light plant.

The Silver Bay Aglaonema can survive in a low humidity environment, but will flourish in a higher humidity environment. It is a low maintenance, air purifier and considered as a good luck bringer houseplant. It does not require to be fed or watered frequently and does exceedingly well at indoors environment, away from direct sunlight.

Aglaonema Silver Bay Low light plant for interior
Aglaonema Creta Low light plant for interior

Aglaonema Creta

Low light plant.

One of the easiest of all houseplants to grow, aglaonema creta is also one of the most stylish indoor plant. It looks beautiful on desks or tabletops, as well as in living space. It’s a perfect plant for low light areas.

Dracaena Compacta Cane

Low-light plant.

Dracaena compacta are widely used as indoor plants. This plant is highly distinguishable from most other interior Dracaena.

It is generally a slow growing indoor plant. It is often considered as being a low light tolerant plant, it shows best results in moderate light environments like living room and office spaces.

Dracaena Compacta Cane Low-light plant for interior
Dracaena Elegance Low-light plant for interior

Dracaena Elegance

Low-light plant.

A simple maintenance free plant. Expansive sparkly dull green leaves that hang in a curve from the stem. Like the Mass Cane yet taller, with leaves that course descending.

Janet Craig ‘Limelight’

Low-light plant.

This brilliant lime-green rendition of the extremely well known dark green. Janet Craig offers a magnificent difference in inside plantings.

Janet Craig Limelight' Dracaena deremensis limelight Low-light plant.
Kentia Palm Howeia forsteriana Low light plant for interior

Kentia Palm
Howeia forsteriana

Low light plant.

If you love the tropical look of a palm tree but don’t live in a tropical region, then try the Kentia palm (Howea forsteriana). it can withstand conditions that many houseplants can’t tolerate. Additionally, an indoor Kentia palm can achieve a formidable height that makes it an outstanding focal point in interior landscapes.

Natal Mahogany Plant

Low-light plant

Native to southern Africa, the Forest Natal Mahogany is found near riverbeds, shaded by the tropical forest. It is adapted to low light conditions.
Natal Mahoganies favours bright indirect light but they are one of the most low-light tolerant large indoor plants.

Natal Mahogany (na-TAHL) Trichlia dregeana Low-light plant
Mass Cane (Corn Plant) Dracanea fragrans 'Massangeana' Low-light plant

Mass Cane (Corn Plant) Dracaena fragrans ‘Massangeana’

Low-light plant.

Natively from Africa, the mass cane is popular throughout home and office spaces. It is a low-maintenance beauty. In rare conditions the Mass Cane plant may even produce fragrant white flowers. It can tolerate a wide variety of indoor light conditions, but ideally, it flourishes in an area with bright or indirect sunlight.

Bird’s Nest Fern

Low light plant.

Bird’s nest ferns grow best in medium to low indirect light.This lush, leathery-leaved fern finds its home in humid environments naturally.It grows on average 2-3 feet in height/width. The edges of the leaves are delightfully crinkled and rippled.

Bird’s Nest Fern Low light plant Asplenium nidus