Colours have varied meanings for different individuals; some people are drawn to relaxing neutrals, while others want to be surrounded by positive, solid, brilliant, and colourful colours. According to Interior Designers, colours play an important role in Interior designing as well. The colour scheme conveys a sense of optimism and hope for the future, as well as a desire to include wellness components into the house.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the trending colours in 2022 which will be suggested by Paint Colour consultant and Interior Stylists, which will bring a new life to your living space.

Babouche – the sunny yellow

Brighter colours are used in 2022 to evoke a sense of revival. This hue of yellow is defined as ‘subdued sunlight,’ after the characteristic colour of the leather shoes worn by Moroccan men. In terms of interior decoration, according to Home Stylists one should choose and go for more minimalist companions, such as straightforward line drawings or inconspicuous brilliant shades. 

Despite this colour being a vibrant, bright colour, it isn’t too brilliant or overpowering, making it appropriate for a larger space where its cheerfulness may flourish. This buttery yellow may help to brighten a space with limited natural light, and it pairs well with a delicate blue or a gentle pink/red on the colour wheel.

School House White – the neutral which is updated

This neutral white shade is a soft, off-white tint that is meant to seem white in a shady environment. This tint is muted, ageless, and comfortingly familiar, evoking memories of ancient schoolhouses. This neutral shade will go well with almost any other colour because of its grounded, modest tint. One cannot go wrong with this specific shade of white as a backdrop for dramatic, large-scale artworks or even vivid, statement carpets.

This shade will amp up the strength of Babouche if you wish to blend many 2022 colour trends.

Bright Skies – the hopeful blue

When individuals apply this tone on their ceilings, it will be a game changer. This colour is both uplifting and bright, as well as relaxing, familiar, and appropriate for a happy sanctuary. According to Design Consultants at Epater Designer Studio, the colour has the potential to become the new grey, signalling a shift away from neutrals and toward colour.

Incarnadine – the comforting red

Incarnadine is rich, warm, and oh-so-comforting. This colour mixes classic red with the relaxing vibe of the Mediterranean. Home Decorator suggests that rustic gold accents and warm woodwork would look fantastic with this colour. Alternatively, we can mix it with a bright white hue to give it an edgier edge. 

Combine this glossy tone with a monochrome palette for a more contemporary look, or go for extravagance with plenty of velvets, deep forest greens or inky blues, and classic antique furniture for a more opulent look.

October Mist – the palest green

This colour is a gentle grey-green colour which works well as a base colour for an earthy palette. This shade of green, inspires a reconnection with nature and is simple to incorporate into your home.

This shade specially pairs up beautifully with soft, nature-inspired tones like pale sky blues, burnt earth reds, and chalky whites in a farmhouse environment, suggests various Home Decorators. October Mist is paired with darker fern greens for an especially soothing colour combination.

Stone Blue – the vintage tone

This colour is named after the indigo pigment brought in lumps during the 18th century, this warm and timeless blue may be mixed with other warm colours to create a welcoming, vintage aesthetic, Alternatively, for a cleaner, more contemporary look, your Home Designer will suggest you to choose a cooler tone. Bonus points if you match this shade with other basic, recognisable colours that convey the same sense of folk and workmanship as the rest of the palette.