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Epater is a full-service Interior Design firm with award-winning Best Interior Designer in Delta. Our goal at Epater is to create a memorable brand experience for our clients while enhancing the quality of life for all we serve. Whether you want to simply refresh your living area or design a 4000 square feet home, we got you covered. We are looking for opportunities to further broaden our prospects to achieve our long-term goal in this industry. Services we provide are:



The most important decision you need to make when you are thinking to hire an Interior design firm for your space is finding a skilled and reliable professional.  Our award-winning residential and commercial interior designers are here to help you achieve a sophisticated, elegant and aesthetically pleasing look for your home, corporate spaces, restaurants, or fitness centers..

As the Best interior Designer In Delta We also offer on-site consultancy services to help you decide on paint colors, color schemes, design ideas, furniture layout and selection, floor plans, etc. by our design consultant who has a wealth of experience in helping clients in the best of their capabilities there and then.



We can help you create a beautiful surrounding at home. Be it a rented property or a family home, our  team works closely with clients to understand them at a deeper level and come up with amazing design that suits to each individual in terms of budget as well. A complete refurbishment or just to give a fresh look to a space, we’ll make sure you end up with a stylish, comfortable and put together home interior that is sympathetic to the way you live and use your home.



We help you to bring life to your space by carefully selecting décor items and styling/staging it. This service includes selecting and purchasing the Décor Items for your space. We then style and set everything according to the design and make your space look expensive and beautiful.This service is charged at a flat fee or on hourly basis to suit your preferences


It is very important to choose the right size and style of furniture. Selecting bulky furniture for a small space would make the area look congested and selecting smaller sizes of furniture for a certain area makes the space look incomplete. This is why we create Furniture Floor Layouts with precise measurements of your space to show you all possible options we can lay the furniture with dimensions. As the Best Interior Designer in Delta, We curate an extensive list of furniture, both available at stores and customizable which is designed by our Furniture Interior Designer.



Our activities range from evaluating and re configuring space, to aspects of engineering, lighting design and choosing materials for walls and flooring. We help you get the most effective use of your existing or planned home.



To increase the overall appeal of your home, Landscape Design is important. We provide a variety of landscape designing for patio, pool, garden, outdoor kitchen, etc. helping many satisfied clients achieve brand-new outdoor spaces to enjoy during all times of the year.


We offer 3D Visuals for exterior, baths, kitchen, living rooms, bedrooms, etc.3D designs help you to get an idea of how the design will look in reality. This helps in your decision-making process and allows you to make any changes in the design which helps to save time and money as well as make the construction and material selection process smooth



At Epater, we understand that an appealing and creative design with good quality material has the potential to give our client’s brand by augmenting the products through exhibitions which helps them to increase their sales. We have a fully equipped fabrication facilities for fast, reliable and hassle free experience.



Any structural change to an existing building or construction of a new one requires a building permit. We offer a complete set of Building Permit Drawings for New Builds, Renovations, Accessory Buildings, Decks, Extensions, Secondary Suites, Rental Suites and everything else that requires a permit. Our Interior Designers conduct Site Visits to take exact measurements of the building and create plans the City requires to issue a Building Permit. We also help you to apply for a building permit and work closely with the City up until your Permit is issued. We deal with all Cities.


The drafting services at Epater Design Studio will help you respond, clarify and modify the initial design stages. Whether you need space planning or elevations, we create blueprints that your contractor can refer to before and during construction making the construction phase extremely streamlined and structured with no mistakes.



Epater offers a bespoke procurement service, from sourcing that museum quality furniture or artefact, painting or sculpture to perfectly fit into an existing scheme or help choosing the perfect upholstery fabric or rug. We can help.



Every construction project, be it a small reno or a huge build, will benefit from solid planning and experienced management team who takes care of the project right from the start until handover which is precisely what our project managers do. With a wealth of construction experience, effective communication and problem solving skills, we make sure your project is completed on time.

This service is included in out Interior Design package which is also customisable. As the Best Interior Designer in Delta, we offer Project Management services as a separate item in your Services List.